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October 14, 2004 by George Vigil in

There are some marketing definitions that we apply when we take on a client or project of building a website. These definitions will help to improve any marketing strategy or effort.

Marketing: the creation of a product (or service) and taking it to the market to sell.

Market: the place(s) where buyers and sellers are. The location(s) where one can sell product(s) or service(s) such as by way of the Internet or by bricks and mortar (physical locations such as stores).

Marketing can be seen to be a series of steps whereby one:

  1. conceives of a product or service
  2. determines the viability of that product or service (if people want this product or service and what might they pay for it)
  3. finds out what people think about that product (such as what people want, need or demand from that product or service so that you can effectively sell that product or service)
  4. develops an online (or offline) presence that represents what your customers or clients think about the product or service, develop a doable marketing campaign
  5. packages the product or service so as to attract customers or clients (such as a website or print ad)
  6. offers the product or service
  7. sells the product or service
  8. delivers the product or service

Once done, you then improve the above steps so that there are more sales and more income. There can be many more steps; the above is not a complete list.

Basically, our definition of Marketing is: potentially, we could be responsible from the origination of a product or service all the way through to the delivery of the product or service. Usually, this isn't the case with a website. For example, we are usually hired to help sell an already existing product or service via the Internet. But we put every project through the same lineup of marketing steps. There are fundamentals to marketing, and those fundamentals of Marketing apply before the fundamentals of the creation of a website — because the website is the "tangible" conception of the marketing plan.

If you analyze each project first from a marketing viewpoint, and then determine how best to sell the product or service on the Web, you will do a better job of marketing your product or service than if you, say, simply created a website without addressing how to market, or how to build your market.

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