Marketing Definitions: positioning in advertisements

November 1, 2004 by George Vigil in

Positioning in advertisements is the answer to the following questions:

  • Ever had problems communicating to customers about a product or service?
  • Does your website or ad seem to confuse people about what you're selling?
  • Does your "ad copy" (text) make various ineffectual stabs at communication?
  • Does your ad copy send a muddled message?
  • Does your ad cause upset of your potential customers because in their eyes it can't be understood?
  • If so, you may be missing an important marketing tool called positioning!

    Positioning means to form in the mind of another or others a concept about your product or service by comparing it to something already familiar to the customer and to make it "real" to the customer how your product/service can be useful, beneficial, worthwhile, etc., to him or her.

    Let's do a mental exercise. Consider how many advertisements you see in a day. Possibly lots of them. Which ones do you remember? Okay. Consider how many ads your customers might look at with regard to your product or service. Competition could be strong. Positioning is done with words (ad copy) and/or images (positioning pictures) in order to create a rapid communication of your product or service. One wants to make a lasting impression!

    In order to rapidly communicate and to make a favorable, effective sales pitch for your product or service to a majority of potential buyers, it is vital to ensure proper positioning as you compose your ads. Otherwise your ad might end up with the rest of the advertisements one sees on a daily basis — in the mental trash can!

    Why? Because computers don't decide to buy your products or services. People do. You'll need to communicate what you offer to potential customers in the best possible light — one which causes the best possible reality for your product or service in each interested consumer visiting your website.

    Proper positioning increases your chances of making sales by forming in your visitors' minds a favorable impression of your product or service, or how your product or service could be used by your potential customers in their lives.

    By using clever and creative positioning, you can more quickly advance each potential customer along the line — to the point of sale.

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