E-Commerce: watch your international carriers

March 20, 2009 by Diane Vigil in

Just a word to the wise: if you've got an e-commerce website and you ship outside of your country, you may find that some international carriers may deliver to a particular country … but not to the part of the country in which your hopeful customer resides.

If such is the case, and if your e-commerce shop liaises with the FedEx, USPS International or other carrier websites to determine available shipping methods (according to your specifications) and resultant costs in real time, your hapless customer may not be presented with any shipping method at all during checkout — and may not be able to complete his or her purchase.

If you're lucky, that customer will contact you rather than skipping off to your nearest competitor.

A little research may tell you that one carrier is your favorite choice for delivery to a country but may not deliver to specific areas, while another may.

Bottom line: it pays to do your homework!

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