About Us

The DianeV web design blog

Coming to grips with web design and Internet marketing issues isn't easy — especially when you're not in the business. The jargon alone has the destinctions of being new, technical and ultimately obtuse.

It is for this reason that we have always made the effort to walk our clients through the web design process, discussing presentation, design, marketing and sales issues, and addressing matters that helped them to make the most of their marketing efforts through our web design process.

The DianeV web design blog is a publication of DianeV Web Design Studio, a full-service web design company. While we've published a great many articles and advices for Web industry folk, the DianeV blog targets issues that can impact website owners. While much of our information and know-how is reserved for clients, we yet find that there's a wealth of information that can be of value to the general public.

Specifically, it's intended for the purpose of keeping both clients and future clients "in the know" about Web issues that affect people and companies who market on the Web. Written in our usual "plain English" style, the DianeV web design blog helps to clarify and highlight trends and opportunities, cover marketing fundamentals, and present timely information for use in website planning and Internet marketing strategies.

We also take up a variety of seemingly little issues that can have enormous impact on your efficiency, operations and stress level. One example is our Webmail versus Email Programs article — written because many people are not aware that they may not be downloading their email. After all, if they can see it on their computers, they must be downloading it, right? The answer is important.

The DianeV Team

Diane Vigil founded DianeV Web Design Studio in 1998 after designing websites for a number of earlier clients — clients who are still with us today. As marketers who turned to the Web, our mission is to design and develop websites that forward and achieve our clients' goals. As such, we centered the Studio's focus on the simple concepts that our clients' commercial websites should represent them well, make them more "known" and accessible to their markets and audiences, attract visitors, and convert those visitors to customers. This approach has recently been dubbed "holistic web design" for want of any words to describe the artful utilization of a combination of disciplines to achieve Web goals.

Diane has also administrated and moderated at industry-leader forums such as the Cre8asiteForums and the VirtualPromote/JimWorld Search Engine Forums (and has written for VP's popular Gazette newsletter), and participates in various online industry forums.

George Vigil is involved in most facets of the Studio, overseeing current and future strategic planning, devising and correcting business plans, and conducting Web marketing programs. Another multi-faceted talent, George's unerring eye for design presentation and grasp of marketing fundamentals combine with his organizational capabilities to ensure the Studio's smooth operation and continued forward momentum.