How do blogs work?

Let's start with:
what is a blog?

A blog is simply a website. A semi-automated website.

How do blogs differ from "regular" websites?

With regular websites, you write pages and upload them to your website space. Blogs, in addition, also concurrently feature on the home page part or all of the latest new pages.

Where did the word "blog" come from? We do like our jargon here on the Web. Remember Star Trek's "Captain's Log number ___"? A log kept on the Web is a "Web log" — shortened to "blog". And entries are referred to as "posts". Of course, people use blogs for more than diaries or journals; they can be used for all kinds of things.

The structure of a blog goes something like this:

  • Home Page — current entries are featured here
    Current entries (called "posts") in chronological order limited by whatever number you specify
    After a time, they are automatically rotated off the bottom as new entries appear at the top.
  • Permanent Page (usually called a "permalink")
    Individual post page, plus user comments. Every post also has its own page where it resides permanently even if it's also currently posted on the home page due to newness, and any reference to "permanent" links or "permalinks" are to this permanent page.
  • Other ways to find posts of interest:
    • Category page - an index of all posts in that category
    • Monthly page - all posts for that month
    • Calendar -- daily posts
    • Searching for terms