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We've been building websites and marketing online since 1997 and had some stellar successes. I've been a long-time proponent of what is today called "holistic web design" - the use of a variety of disciplines to create effective market-oriented websites - and have reviewed literally hundreds of websites, both through our web design studio and as a moderator and/or administrator at various online discussion websites, including the JimWorld Search Engine Forums and cre8asiteforums.

Web Design : Marketing & Sales : Usability : Search Engine Optimization

Sometimes it's helpful to be able to kick around ideas and approaches, or to get definitive answers to marketing on the Web. For a time, we're offering direct consultation to website owners. What you'll get is my honest, unbiased, complete opinion as to methods of improving your website and attracting more customers and sales, whatever your questions may be.

While this is not a complete list, your consultation can focus on web design, usability, customer concerns, search engine optimization, and sales and marketing issues such as:

  • web design
  • page layout
  • logos
  • color schemes
  • image enhancement
  • ad copy
  • clean, correct HTML coding
  • blogs
  • e-commerce
  • server issues
  • increasing sales
  • increasing website traffic
  • marketing approaches
  • conveying trustworthiness
  • customer "comfort level"
  • usability (customer ease of use)
  • ad copy
  • website navigation (link menus)
  • customer paths through website
  • stumbling blocks to sales
  • search engine optimization
  • keyword choices
  • calls to action

As marketers who turned to the Web in 1997, we've gotten kudos from clients for the effectiveness and results gained from their websites, and many new clients come from referrals, and publish several sets of articles and blogs for the industry.

Your consultation will by conducted with Diane Vigil, and can be accomplished by telephone at a preset time.

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Contact us by email or by telephone in Sparks, Nevada (next to Reno). We'll be happy to discuss your website needs and give you a quote.

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