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Go to DianeV Web Design HelpAs exciting as the Web is, it can be daunting to try to comprehend the terminology and slang for a multiplicity of technologies and disciplines.

Although there is a lot to learn, I think that part of that is due to geekspeak and faulty tutorials. We've made it all easy to understand with the launch of our new Web Design Help mini-site.

We offer several sets of free articles by DianeV which can help with information about just how to go about getting your business online and how to design websites and market products on the Internet -- and an ongoing series of web design e-books to shorten your learning curve.

Dianev.com Web Design Help

We've launched a new website especially for web designers, webmasters and do-it-yourselfers. We think you'll find it extremely helpful. Web Design Help features our free newsletter, Web Design Basics, and tutorials revealing many of our "secrets" for web design for the real world -- tips not taught in schools. Save time, money, effort and aggravation while designing better websites. From beginner to professional level. Go to Web Design Help

(How to) Get Your Business Online

Many companies seeking to hire a web designer find difficulty in the absence of hard knowledge about what to look for, or even what's needed to get a website or how to run it once you've got it. We say that's understandable. These articles were written after talking to hundreds of people looking for the right web design shop. Go to (How to) Get your Business Online

Web Design Basics

This collection of articles covers everything from web design to marketing. More theory than practice -- more "why" than "how" -- Web Design Basics imparts some interesting concepts for webmasters, designers and marketers alike. Deemed a JimWorld Webmaster Select Site, Web Design Basics has been included in a number of study lists. Go to Web Design Basics




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