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Website Promotion and Traffic

If you have a website, your next step is promoting it. Without promotion, your chances of achieving your online goals are diminished.

It goes without saying that websites need visitors in order to gain new customers and to achieve the goals for which they were built. Unfortunately, the fact that a website exists does not guarantee that people will find it. That's where promotion enters the picture.

There are many ways to promote websites on the Internet. You can pay for banners or other advertisements on various websites. You can pay the search engines directly for ad placements, although the truth is that you'll be bidding against competitors to determine just how much you'll pay. And you can, of course, do all the offline promotions that businesses did before the advent of the Web and still do — these are all good ideas.

That said, millions of people access websites via search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. But, aside from paying the search engines, websites generally don't automatically show up at the top of search engines simply by virtue of existing — they must be built specifically in order to have a chance of achieving those positions.

Unfortunately, how that is done is not a part of normal web design services — and most new website owners are not aware of this fact. Moreover, it's not enough to get visitors to your website: ensuring that your website gets enough visitors of the right kind ensures that you get a better return on your website investment, along with ensuring that your website can convert those visitors into customers.

We offer a number of services that can help:

  • Search Engine Optimization to assist your website to gain high positions in search engines. Our clients have found our search engine optimization an excellent strategy for ensuring new visitors to their websites over the long term. This can be combined with updating your website to enhance marketing and sales, ease of use (usability) and other issues that may impede your goals.
  • Search Engine Optimization Reviews — for those who want to do the work in-house.
  • Website Reviews — to address design, usability and marketing and sales aspects.
  • Consultation — for direct question-and-answer sessions.
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