Effective Web Design

What skills are required to design effective websites?

Even a brief stint at building websites leads to the discovery that it takes more than a knowledge of HTML or a flair for design to create effective websites. Particularly if you've followed up with how they're performing.

A rather fantastic array of disciplines come into play: how to build a website; design and usability (ease-of-use) issues; color "design"; the use of light (computer monitors) marketing and sales; search engine know-how. Contrary to what appears to be the popular belief in some circles, it isn't just a matter of pressing a few buttons and — presto! — instant website.

And then there is Internet marketing. The fields of sales and marketing greatly impact how a website should look, function, and how you should communicate to customers ... depending, of course, on who they are and what they're looking for.

In a word, these disciplines overlap in the building of websites. While we're not given to blanket statements such as "nobody knows it all", our guess is that few people do.

Web Design Tips & Tutorials
from a working web designer

It can be difficult to get needed information without expending time searching high and low, and then trying to interpret the jargon. We've put in our own time staring at "tutorials" and "tips" and trying to grasp what the writer was trying to say. We've also put in a good deal of time passing on information to others, and marveled when they've gone on to do great work.

That's why we've come up with our Web Design Tips and Tutorials.

While some websites are hugely complicated, the technology of building the majority of websites is very simple -- and easy to understand if explained in plain English.

Our Tutorials take you step by step, starting with the most basic elements. None are terribly long, all are organized logically, and all are illustrated to balance text with pictures. They're also divided by subject so that you can choose which topics you'd like to learn, in your own order. And we've included notes and tips from our experience in building professional websites.

Available in e-book format, you'll gain understanding, improve your skills and add to your arsenal, at a cost you'll find very affordable.

Diane Vigil founded DianeV Web Design Studio, has served as a consultant to numerous companies, as a moderator and administrator of the JimWorld SearchEngineForums and Cre8asiteforums, on the Site-Report Experts Panel — and has designed and built numerous websites since 1997.

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