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Internet Marketing Strategy 2001

Internet Marketing Conference 2001

The Internet Marketing Strategy Days conference was held in Las Vegas on April 10-12, 2001.

Sponsored by JimWorld's, it was a chance to meet and network with web designers, web marketing professionals, search engine staffers and software developers, and to make friends and strategic alliances, and have fun.

In addition to designing the above banner for the Conference, we made three presentations:

  • Managing The Site Navigation Process As A Site Grows
    Site-wide linking strategies for future expansion and sales.
    by Diane Vigil
  • Moderating Forums
    Controlling the Environment to Encourage Growth
    by Diane Vigil
  • Marketing Surveys
    Take the Guesswork out of Promoting
    by George Vigil

For those of you who did not attend, a taping of the Conference should be available shortly.

We highly recommend looking into future conferences.

Stay tuned for further information at and at JimWorld's Internet Marketing Conference forum.


Internet Marketing Conference 2002

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The upcoming Internet Marketing Conference 2002, slated for April 2-4, 2002 in Vancouver, British Columbia, promises to be a great one.

Conference organizer Lennart Svanberg -- President of the World Association of Internet Marketers (WAIM), moderator of iDomainName and all-around great guy -- has brought together an interesting and diverse group of speakers. From search engine personnel to prominent Internet marketers, a published author and others, you'll get a more whole look at Internet marketing.

"Who Should Attend?

"Top-level executives, marketers and entrepreneurs responsible for integrating the Internet into their overall marketing plan. Those executives who manage either B2B or B2C Internet sales, marketing, communications and/or customer service initiatives and campaigns. This conference puts senior executives together with Internet marketing leaders and educators for three days of results-oriented presentations, panel discussions and workshops."


To that, I would add: anyone who wants to learn how to market on the Internet directly from people in the industry.

Aside from the well-rounded information, you'll also have the opportunity to talk with others in the industry. Discussions and networking are valuable side-products of the Conference.

We greatly regret that our schedule and circumstances prevent us from speaking at the Conference. Next time.

Diane Vigil founded DianeV Web Design Studio, has served as a consultant to numerous companies, as a moderator and administrator of the JimWorld SearchEngineForums and Cre8asiteforums, on the Site-Report Experts Panel — and has designed and built numerous websites since 1997.

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