9Finale - Learn Basic HTML

We've covered basic HTML and how to create web pages. With a some practice, you'll get the hang of it and will be able to hand-code websites — or correct code generated by WYSIWYG web authoring tools!

Testing in multiple browsers! As you work on your website, test it in a variety of browsers. We cannot stress enough that different browsers (and versions of browsers) display differently. That, along with different monitor sizes, screen resolution settings, and operating systems, can make for different displays ... and this is also where you might find coding errors. Always test in multiple browsers.

Uploading: Once your website is finished, just upload it the same way you would normally upload.

Programs for Uploading Websites. I would not suggest using any HTML editor's internal uploader. Among other things, if you've started a new as-yet-incomplete page, it will be uploaded. It's simpler, and more precise, to use an uploading program. These are called FTP programs (File Transfer Protocol — the file transfer language for transferring files on the Web) programs. Good ones can be found at:

Test, test, test! Once you've uploaded your website, test it in your browser to ensure that you haven't forgotten to upload anything. I would recommend emptying your browser's cache first to ensure that the image it's displaying is not on your hard drive rather than your web hosting account. Check your browser's Help section for instructions.



  1. The Learn Basic HTML Series:
    1. Learn Basic HTML and Web Page Construction
    2. What is HTML?
    3. HTML Page Structure
    4. Head Tag, MetaTags & Titles
    5. Adding Page Content
    6. Tables
    7. CSS and Fonts
    8. Putting It All Together
    9. Finale

Well, that's it for this tutorial. We thank you, and we trust it has been of help to you, and that you have enhanced your ability to built websites.

Here's to building better websites!

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