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DianeV Web Design Help — the self-help portion of the Dianev.com website — grew from a couple of handfuls of articles written to help a clients understand various facets and pitfalls of Internet marketing. While, as it turned out, our clients much preferred private consultation, our visitor logs revealed something new: that our articles had become popular among people looking to "build their own".

As one set of articles grew into three, we noted that a certain portion of the of people contacting the Studio were not looking to hire a web designer but specifically wanted to understand how we design and build websites. While we could have referred them to online resources, we knew that, although the Web is filled with tutorials of one sort or another, many are simply not written so that people not fairly well acquainted with the subject could grasp them easily -- truthfully, anyone could spend weeks trying to find the "right" tutorials and/or decipher them.

On the other hand, some of our "friendly assistance" projects took days (if not weeks) to complete -- the kind of time we thought we couldn't afford to give to everyone who asked for our help. Or could we?

DianeV launches Web Design Help

The solution was the launch of Web Design Help as a venue for providing web design articles, our special in-depth tutorials and other assistance -- and a way of enabling people to improve their own skills.

As "DianeV", Diane Vigil served as an administrator of the VirtualPromote / JimWorld forums, a high-visibility online community within the web design and Internet promotion industries, taking its Site Review Please! forum to huge popularity and coaching numerous people to improve their web design and Internet marketing skills, as well as moderating at the cre8asiteforums. We publish the Web Design Basics articles, spoke at IMS2001 in Las Vegas, and were featured in IMS' Internet Marketing Video.

DianeV Web Design Studio

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