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The information contained in the Web Design Help pages is provided by DianeV Web Design Studio as a free public service for informational purposes only without express or implied warranties of any kind. By your use of this website, you expressly agree that this website is for informational purposes only, that we make no claims of accuracy or completeness, or warranties of suitability for use.

Further, you agree that our tutorials are designed to fill in information and are based on our best efforts. Still, there is always the possibility of human error. All information is provided "as is" and we make no representations and disclaim all express, implied, and statutory warranties of any kind including, without limitation, warranties as to accuracy, timeliness, completeness, merchantability, suitability or fitness for any particular purpose. Your use of the materials on this website and in our tutorials is your own responsibility, and you agree that you will not hold us liable for any damages or harm which may be incurred through the use of these materials.


The copyrights for this website are held by DianeV Web Design Studio; our copyright notice is posted at the bottom of every page of this website.

No Unauthorized Usage Permitted. In accordance with United States and international copyright laws, we do not, by the act of publishing this website on the Web, grant permission to copy and/or use the materials elsewhere. No portion of this website may be copied, transmitted or published in any form in any media, except as normal "browser download," without prior authorization in writing from DianeV Web Design Studio.

Additionally, we may employ watermarking and/or identification and tracking services with respect to our copyrighted materials, and to take other actions as are deemed fit and appropriate in order to enforce our copyrighted works.

The above statements do not constitute, nor shall they be construed as, a complete statement or waiver of any of our rights at law, all of which are expressly reserved hereby.
See also: A Universal Plea for Artists

If you discover our copyrighted materials in use elsewhere or have questions in this regard, we ask that you contact us at(661) 310-0303or by email.

Obtaining permission to utilize our copyrighted works. We may, on occasion, specifically grant permission to selected websites and companies to utilize specific portions of our copyrighted works. Such permission must be granted by us in writing prior to usage, and we will require full, visible accreditation of our authorship and ownership of the materials in a manner to be specified at the time, which will include a clickable link to Dianev.com. Please contact us by email or by telephone at(661) 310-0303if you are interested in using our copyrighted materials.

Warning regarding Copyright Infringement. Copyright, meaning "the right to copy", is generally held by the person who wrote a piece of text, poem, etc., regardless of whether the piece or web page declares that it is copyrighted. And, despite the ease with which text and images can be copied on the Internet, doing so without the written authorization of the copyright owner is against the law regardless of whether proper accreditation is given. If you didn't write it, it doesn't belong to you — and changing a few words around or giving proper accreditation to the writer doesn't circumvent the law.

Ethical and fraud issues aside, copyright infringers can be sued in court not only for monetary damages but income earned through the unauthorized use of others' copyrighted works (and attorneys' fees incurred in prosecuting the case against the infringers). But there's a better and faster method of protection:

Digital Millennium Copyright Act: the DMCA affords copyright holders a fast and extremely inexpensive way to notify web hosts, domain registrars and search engines of copyright infringement such that they will remove the materials from the infringer's website, his or her domain name may be cancelled, and search engines can and will remove those listings from their indexes. The DMCA is the law, and we will and do use it.

Bear in mind that:

  1. The Fair Use provisions of copyright law allow usage of portions of a text for purposes of discussion, along with proper accreditation. Period.
  2. Representing to clients and prospective clients that someone else's text, images, company history, testimonials, and work are your own and, under those circumstances, obtaining their agreement to become your clients, may constitute fraud in many locales.
  3. Aside from other measures taken to copyright our website, we can document ownership. Note also copies at the Archive.org Wayback Machine.
  4. If search engines can find text on your site, so can we and so can the authorities. One method is through Copyscape:


We should note that the first person we may contact in the event we discover infringement of our copyrights is the website owner. Further, we document each case of copyright infringement, and may share this information with legal authorities, the public, web hosts and search engines.

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