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Making your company stand out

One of the most important things a logo does for you is identify you. People see it on your letterhead; they see it on your website — and they know it's you. And, done right, the logo also says something about you or your company.

A custom-designed logo with a look and feel pertinent to your company and industry can set your company apart.

As with offline marketing, branding -- identifying your company to people and helping them to remember it -- is an essential part of Internet marketing. Your logo helps them to remember you, and identifies your website, your letterhead, your building and everything to do with your company.

Website logos

Websites without a logo look incomplete -- and miss on an important "branding" opportunity -- while logos that do not look professional simply convey a poor impression.

With your professionally-designed logo on every page, your customers will know that they've arrived at your website, your website will look uniform and cohesive, and your logo will remind potential new customers of your company — on every page.

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If you already have a logo, we can prepare it for usage on the Web, helping to bring your offline message and branding to your online presence — and identify your website to your customers.

We specialize in aesthetic, one-of-a-kind logos that say what you do. We use state-of-the-art graphics programs to translate your logo into Web formats, cutting down on "download" time as much as possible while retaining the quality of the image.

If we are designing your website, we can design it around the look and feel of your logo, arriving at a cohesive balance and color scheme that just "looks right".

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Print Logos

Logos for printed material require a higher resolution than those for the Web. We can prepare printer-ready logos for your use on letterhead, business cards and printed advertising materials.

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Call for a free consultation and quote

Contact us by email or by telephone in Sparks, Nevada (next to Reno). We'll be happy to discuss your website needs and give you a quote.

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