TurnkeyWebTools' popular Sunshop website e-commerce software (or "shopping cart") comes with a number of pre-designed designs called "themes".

These themes are fine — but what if you want it to look like the rest of your website? Or you just want your website to look different? In that case, a custom-designed Sunshop theme is what you need.

Custom Sunshop Themes
from our Portfolio

Julien's Auctions
Dressing Michael Jackson
Johnson Brothers Online
TK Ranch

What is a Sunshop theme?

Sunshop shopping cart software has certain functionalities — for example, the ability to add and display products, pricing and descriptions, or the ability to add items to your "cart" and "check out" by purchasing the item. These all fall within the category of functionality.

How the website looks on your computer screen — that is, the design on the page — is the result of your theme. Sunshop Themes currently consist of approximately 150 files — not including logos, product photos, and other elements — each with its own distinct purpose. These files will need to be updated to reflect the design you have in mind.

When to use a custom Sunshop theme

A custom Sunshop theme might be called for when:

  • You want a unique-looking website that doesn't look like any other site
  • You wish your e-commerce store design to match the rest of your website
  • You'd like to use your own logo and color scheme
  • You'd like to use color and placement to make your product images stand out more
  • You want to rearrange the elements on the pages
  • You'd simply like your Sunshop to look different than it does
  • ... or any other reason you may have in mind

Sunshop Installation

If you haven't yet installed Sunshop on your website, or need to upgrade, we can do that, too. And we can help with obtaining an SSL (secure certificate) for your online store.

Display your products on Facebook

Uploading your products to your Facebook page is an excellent way to attract more customers. We can help.

We've designed a good number of Sunshop themes for clients, some of which you can see by clicking on the square images at the top right of this page.

If you'd like to discuss your Sunshop theme requirements, please contact us.

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