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Older website design

If your website looks dated, unattended or unconvincing ...

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... an artful website redesign can give it more impact

Like hair styles, websites can become dated; what was novel or in style years ago can look stale today, making your website look untended and leading your visitors to wonder about and even discount what you have to say. A professional website redesign will enable you to refresh the look of your website and to update and improve your marketing message.

Another scenario might be that the original design just does not match your subject matter, or doesn't seem "right" to your customers. For instance, a "Web 2.0" style probably won't work well for financial institutions.

We can also address other issues in order to make the website perform better for you or your company:

  • Do customers ask for the same information over and over again, adding an additional informational step — and time — to the initial impulse to buy and any actual purchase?
  • Are you offering new products or services?
  • Does your website lack effective graphical illustrations of your products and services?
  • Does a study of your website's visitor logs reveal that they're visiting many pages — yet too many of them leave without buying or contacting you?

Keep customer interest with website redesign

Refocusing your marketing message or adding fresh material and products can bring new interest from existing or new customers and revitalize sales. If your marketing message isn't getting through, then it may be time to address the underlying reasons — and what you can do about them.

Improve your online presence through website redesign

Styles and the quality of advertising change online as well as offline, and a website design that looked terrific in 1998 may look dated today, casting your company in a poor light. As well, your website might benefit from some of the newer technologies, making your site and your company look more "alive" and increasing appeal to customers.

Redesigning or updating your website will allow you to add new information, products and services, and allow you to keep stride with trends in the Web marketplace.

Get a Professional Website Analysis
We can help you capitalize on your online marketing efforts and your initial investment in your website by conducting a thorough written analysis of your existing website. After consultation with you, we can update or wholly revise your existing website, keeping those elements you desire to retain.

We build websites so that they're easy to expand and update — even a complete redesign is no problem, making your advertising dollar go further.

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