Getting input from your website visitors

Online forms are an important tool for making your website do double-duty for you.

Online FormsOftentimes people simply plunk an email address on a website. This achieves two things:

(1) endless amounts of spam email as your email address gets sold to other spammers, and

(2) inquiries that lack the information the website owner needs.

(3) if the website visitor does not have an email program on his computer (or is using someone else's computer), there's no way for him to send you an email. This can and does happen.

These are just three scenarios in which email forms outperform the simple email address — and save you time and effort.

Onlne forms invite your website visitors to communicate with you by telling you what they want — and give you the information you want to collect.

Putting online forms to work on your website can have many benefits, and make your website more inviting and "alive". Online forms can be put to a multitude of uses:

  • order generation
  • obtaining sales leads
  • subscriptions
  • memberships
  • collecting specific information
  • contacting people in your organization
  • online surveys
  • customer feedback
  • anything you can think of

Results of your online forms can be emailed to you or to specific people in your company, collected in a file for download, or collected in a database.

Sales leads can be emailed to your Sales Department, new subscriptions to your Newsletter Department, and surveys to marketing for analysis and planning. The possibilities are many.

The true beauty of online forms is that you can specify the information you want to collect, get visitors in the habit of communicating with you, and "walk" them through to a sale -- all without you or your staff having to be present.

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