Improve your website's performance

Think your website may need a tuneup? Not performing as well as you like? Maybe it's time to find out.

Website maintenance and reviewWebsite maintenance is sometimes needed once your website is up and running. As needed, we can take care of the maintenance for you — making changes and ensuring that your website is up, running, and fully functional.

As part of your website maintenance, we can conduct periodic reviews of your website to determine whether any changes are indicated.

We'll study your website's visitor traffic, which can reveal very useful information about visitor patterns and interests. For instance, if visitors are searching for specific products or services that are not featured on your website pages, we can suggest that they be added to your website.

Website ReviewsOr, if your website logs reveal that people are searching for information but leaving on the same pages, we'll review those pages to determine why this is occurring and whether changes might be needed.

As an additional marketing tool, we can also implement a quick online survey to question your visitors directly, and propose additions or updates as needed. This is a relatively inexpensive method of finding out whether your website is serving your customers' needs.

In short, we can help to keep your website from becoming stale or dated, and keep up with consumer interest and trends in the Web marketplace.

Website Updates & Maintenance Packages: because not every website needs constant updates (or the need for updates might be sporadic), we don't charge a monthly fee for website maintenance. Over the years, we've found that our DianeV Updates and Maintenance Packages are the best choice to enable you to update your website as necessary. With our Updates & Maintenance Packages, you can use what you want, when you want.

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