Snorkel Stove Company

Snorkel Wood-Fired Hot Tubs

We were invited by Tom Slater, President of The Snorkel Stove Company, a manufacturer of stunningly beautiful wooden hot tubs, to redesign and flesh out his company's website ... in time to meet the upcoming deadline for a long-planned direct mail advertising campaign.

With little time to spare, we created an attractive yet entirely usable website that allows the beauty and desirability of the Snorkel hot tubs speak for themselves, with hot tub forums that enable customers to communicate and share with the company and other "tubbers".

As time has passed and the percentages of website surfers with larger monitors has increased exponentially, we have widened the original design, giving extra room for various features.

Dear Diane:
It was truly a pleasure working with you on the redesign of the web site of The Snorkel Stove Company. You bring a unique and comprehensive skill set to the task of website design. I expected a certain level of technical competence, which, with your knowledge of search engine optimization, usability and other elements, you greatly exceeded. Add to that your understanding of the marketing aspects of web site design and your artistic capabilities in page layout and graphics design and you have all the required elements to produce a great web site. Needless to say, I think you achieved that with Snorkel's site. Perhaps even more impressive to me than your technical skills is the tenacity and commitment that you brought to the task in order to get the web site launched to coincide with the tight deadline of our mail campaign. Having worked with others in this area, I can honestly say I don't think anyone I've met would have put in the concentrated effort and long hours that you did so freely and willingly on this project. That kind of dedication is incredibly rare and for that and everything else I truly thank you.

Thomas A. Slater, President
The Snorkel Stove Company

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